An amazing experience with IAPE (Inter-American Partnership for Education)

An amazing experience with IAPE (Inter-American Partnership for Education)
January 20 - 30              2014
After our first breakfast on Monday 20th, we went to a large classroom where the Coordinator Raul of IAPE at La Trinidad, Tlaxcala put a video about the Rassias Method history in China.
In finishing the video we played a game, this consists in a person passing a the center of a circle and saying: I bring, need, deliver, etcetera an email for all people who are wearing a kind of clothing or saying a part of his/her body. If the instructor in turn says, for example: I have an email for who wears boots, all people have to leave their chair and move to another one.
More or less at ten I was in my first class with Joan and she began her introduction with some words on big sheets, it was a vocabulary for a conversation was read by Raul and he pronounced all in the text, in this moment he repeated the complete sentence of the text, and then he divided it in parts; we tried to memorize the phrase in order to say it. This technique we liked very much, because it permits us to pronounce well the words and I learned new vocabulary in this occasion.
Chiara and Mariana continued with the same text (dialogue), they changed some tenses to practice grammar in present continuous, present progressive, future, past and composed tenses. This drill was funny because we were repeating the same phrase several times and we made mistakes, mainly in the order of the words.
We finished with our day with Joan, she wrote some words as likes and dislikes on a small sheet and gave us each one a sheet. We completed the sentences with our personal information, and one per one read the phrases already answered. At the end all in the group tried guessing who had written them.
Ten days spent like wind, but always there were changes in the activities, of course, repetition and a lot of techniques are the goal of Rassias Method.
I think the Rassias Method for teaching and learning any language is the best for me, today. I have never lived an experience as this one, so at the future, my English classes must be more important to catch the interest of the students, and for me will happen a new hoping so that I can research my challenge as a better professor.

Finally, I want to say than… Time flew when we were having fun!

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Maggie dijo...

thanks for sharing Angel :)

Maggie dijo...

thanks for sharing Angel :)


On the contrary, I´d like to share more remarkigns so that I can correct myself all my mistakes. Of course, if you help me, it would be more interesting, because my learning is going to be very practical.

Alicia dijo...

Gracias for sharing Angel :D ! You are an Angel ,kissss

wallas dijo...

Thank you Angel :) for sharing this !